Happy New Year to All Hazaras arround the world

Long asylum journey ends

The West Australian

The first body came in at 10am, fished out of rough surfing waters a few kilometres north of Kuta. Two more followed - a man and a woman rotted beyond recognition.

Within an hour, a fourth corpse was discovered floating off the other side of the island, near the famous holiday beaches of Sanur.

By late afternoon, seventeen anonymous bodies had been delivered to Bali's Sanglah hospital and stored in the morgue's overflow - a shipping container outside the back of the building that once housed the victims of the Bali bombing.

This is where their long asylum journey has ended. In less than a week, stronger than usual tides have washed the bodies of victims of last Saturday's asylum seeker tragedy almost300km from Java towards the holiday playgrounds of Bali and Lombok, where oblivious tourists are preparing to celebrate Christmas.

All are adult, most are men. Despite the decomposition, they appear to be Middle Eastern.
Sanglah hospital's head of Forensic Instalation, Dr Dudut Rustyadi, said yesterday there was little doubt the bodies were from last week's tragedy.

"We suspect they're victims of the boat. The decomposition is about five days old, which is when the boat sank," he said.

On the mortuary slab yesterday, the body of a frail old man lay, his dark skin bloated and grey and wearing only his underwear.

Hospital staff, taking regular breaks to escape the smell of the bodies - made worse by the heat and humidity - took hair, nail and tooth samples.

The evidence will be kept but Dr Rustyadi conceded the bodies were unlikley to be identified or claimed.
He said they would be treated according to hospital policy - kept for three months and then cremated.

Only 47 passengers were rescued after the overloaded vessel, carrying about 250 mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers to Australia, sank early on Saturday, 40 nautical miles off eastern Java.

Saturday's capsize is believed to be the largest loss of life yet from a sinking of one of the many boats packed with Asian and Middle Eastern asylum seekers who undertake the perilous voyage to

Asylum boat bodies float 300km, end up at Bali

Thewest Australia
Bodies from last Saturday's asylum-seeker tragedy have been found floating off the coast of Bali, almost 300km from where their boat sank.

Seventeen bodies were fished out of waters around the island's south yesterday, including Canggu, just north of Kuta, and the popular holiday spot of Sanur, where tourists were preparing to celebrate Christmas.

Sanglah Hospital's head of forensic medicine, Dudut Rustyadi, said there was little doubt the bodies were from last week's tragedy.

"We suspect they're victims of the boat," Dr Rustyadi said. "The decomposition is about five days old, which is when the boat sank."

The bodies were taken to the hospital and stored in the morgue's overflow - a shipping container outside the back of the building that once housed the victims of the Bali bombing.

Dr Rustyadi said he had been warned that victims could be washed up on Bali's beaches but was surprised they had arrived so soon, something he attributed to stronger than usual tides.

Hospital staff spent several hours collecting hair, nail and tooth samples.
The evidence will be kept but Dr Rustyadi conceded the bodies were unlikely to be identified or claimed.

Only 47 passengers were rescued after the overloaded vessel, carrying about 250 mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers to Australia, sank early last Saturday, 40 nautical miles off eastern Java.
The political impasse over asylum-seeker boat arrivals will continue into the new year after Labor and the coalition failed to find a compromise at a high-level meeting yesterday ahead of the Christmas holidays.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd met their opposition counterparts Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop for 2½ hours but could not come to an agreement on where Australia should process asylum seekers who arrive by boat.

Mr Bowen and Mr Morrison declined to reveal details of the discussions but agreed the talks were courteous and that further discussions would take place in the new year.

Before the meeting, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the Opposition was ready to lend any assistance the Government needed to reopen Nauru. But it remained opposed to the Malaysia people swap deal on humanitarian grounds.

Asylum seekers left for dead in Indonesian boat tragedy

 THE captain and crew of a stricken fishing boat put on life jackets and swam for their lives, leaving up to 300 people to die in one of the worst disasters involving Australia-bound asylum seekers.
There were about 380 asylum seekers crammed on the boat, which capsized off the Indonesian island of Java, as refugees panicked while it rocked in 4m waves.
Survivors at a makeshift care centre at Prigi beach in East Java, Indonesia. Picture: Lukman Bintoro Source: Herald Sun
"The captain and six crew took the life vests and started swimming away," Saed Mohammad Zia, 18, of Pakistan said.
"They were all from Indonesia. We lost sight of them in the big waves and we never saw them again.

"We don't know if they were rescued."

Indonesian authorities believe up to 300 people died after the wooden boat they had crammed into broke apart in stormy seas while 78 people were rescued.

The severely overloaded vessel, stacked to more than twice its 100-person capacity, capsized 30km off Prigi beach, Java, on Saturday as refugees panicked.

"We sent out four boats and two helicopters, but so far we haven't spotted anyone else floating. It's very likely they have all drowned," National Search and Rescue Agency spokesman Gagah Prakoso said last night.
"It's impossible even for a good swimmer with a life vest to swim to shore safely in such extreme conditions. When boats sink like this, the bodies usually surface on the third day."
Bad weather and waves of up to five metres hampered rescue efforts yesterday with 300 rescuers including navy and police officers deployed to comb the sea for bodies.
About 40 children were believed to have been among those aboard the boat, which could have netted people smugglers more than $1 million.

Thirty-four asylum seekers clung to a capsized fishing boat for eight hours watching the bodies of their families, mostly women and children, float by before being discovered by a fisherman.

"We were just praying to God that someone would help us, we thought it was the last of our life story," Esmat Adine, 24, of Afghanistan said.

"People were dying in front of us.

"The bodies were lying in front of us in the water, women and children mostly."

In harrowing accounts the rescued asylum seekers from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey spoke of their terror as the 15m boat overturned.

They said they came to Jakarta through Malaysia where many of them had waited up to a month before their boat was ready.

"We had a mobile number to call a people smuggler in Jakarta. We called every day and every day he changed his number," Mr Adine said.

"The man said we should pay the money we have, he said 'We have a very big boat. I mark the route for the captain and the captain is familiar with the route'.

"We were close to Australian territory, (the crew) told us we were in Australia," Mr Adine said.

"It's a very hard and tough situation for us, our hearts are there in the water with our (dead) family. We request the Australian Government can take us to Christmas Island and process us there."

The survivors are being kept at a community hall near Prigi beach, 640km southeast of Indonesia's capital Jakarta, and say they had official UN documentation to prove their refugee status.

The tragedy comes a year after about 50 asylum seekers drowned when a boat slammed into rocks off Christmas Island.

The Federal Government called the sinking "a terrible tragedy", but came under pressure from campaign groups which said its tough approach to refugees was partly responsible for such disasters.
"Our focus today is on the search and rescue effort and our thoughts today are with the people who died and with the families of those still lost at sea," Australian Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said yesterday.
"Whenever people make a dangerous journey and risk their lives, I am concerned," he said, adding that Australia had offered an Orion surveillance aircraft to help the rescue effort.

Australia has failed in its efforts to set up a regional processing centre in neighbouring countries to reduce the flow of asylum-seekers heading to its shores.
The number of boatpeople arriving in Australia ballooned to almost 900 in November, with at least nine ships intercepted in Australian waters so far this month.
Ian Rintoul, coordinator of the Refugee Action Coalition, said any sympathy the Australian Government or opposition expressed for those who died at sea would amount to "hypocrisy" until the parties adopted humane policies.

Why Would A Hazara Quit Pakistan? by Hadi Zaher

Do our politicians have any idea why asylum seekers pack up their lives and flee? Hadi Zaher on the increasingly violent situation facing Hazaras in Pakistan.
An old Persian saying goes like this: as the lamb worries about its life, the butcher worries about the fat and meat. As the federal Government and the Opposition worry about destroying the people smugglers’ business model and stopping the boats, asylum seekers and the communities they hail from are worried about their lives. read more.....

Terrorist Attack on Alamdar Road on Eid-ul-Fitr

QUETTA: A blast on Quetta’s Gulistan road has killed at least ten and seriously injured 13 people on Wednesday.
Police are suspecting it to be a suicide blast which is planned to attack on hazara Eid-Gah as a lot of Hazara community was praying Eid pray.

"I have a hunch it was a suicide blast where the bomber driving a Parado car laden with explosive rammed into this parking area and blew it up", CCPO said.

Eyewitnesses said ten to fourteen vehicles parked in the lot caught fire as a result.

Rescue work is in process and the injured have been rushed to the hospitals.

Blast Location :

Self-harm, unrest grows in refugee prisons

Saturday, August 27, 2011
By Jay Fletcher
ABC’s Lateline recently found evidence that “up to 12 incidents of self-harm or attempted suicide” take place every day in Australian detention centres.

During the historic High Court challenge to the federal government’s so-called Malaysia solution, barrister Debbie Mortimer, representing refugees that face expulsion from Australia, said “fundamental rights were at stake” in the case.

“Liberty … freedom of movement and bodily integrity and the freedom from assault,” she said in court on August 22. “The proposed conduct of the Commonwealth interferes with all three of those rights.”

Hope springs from inside the wire

THE High Court will today formally consider the Gillard government's plan to send asylum-seekers to Malaysia. At the same time, many of the poor and the desperate across Asia have already considered the plan.   
Asylum-seekers are locked in a detention centre on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, a nation that is not a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention. Source: AP
And many, it seems, have dismissed it. Since Australia signed the deal with Malaysia on July 25, five boats have arrived in Australian waters, carrying at least 338 asylum-seekers.

Australians don't fully understand what is being done in their name

A Federal Court judge ruled that the government was obliged to bring the asylum seekers ashore and assess their claims for asylum. That decision was handed down at 2.15pm, Melbourne time, on September 11, 2001: a date which significantly altered the political calculus.A week later, the full Federal Court reversed that decision.

The people rescued by Tampa were taken to Nauru. By early 2002, Australia was forcing Afghans to return to Afghanistan, saying the Taliban were defeated and Afghanistan was safe for Hazaras.

On August 26, 2002, the Tampa refugees were preparing to commemorate the first anniversary of their rescue. One of them, 20 year-old Mohammad Sarwar, awoke that morning, cried out and fell back dead. His friends told me that he died of a broken heart: he had just been refused protection. Australia continued to force Afghans held on Nauru to return to Afghanistan. Read More ...

A letter of Hazara Asylum seeker from Darwin Detention.

A voice of persecution in human cage
Preparatory to the main points we are obliged to welcome you warmly and whole heartedly from the depth of our despondent and detention stricken heart to let you know that where we are?

We hope your potent and benevolent hands at least this time untie our knots and problems that vanish us every moment. 
Read More ...

Trained emergency guards rushed on teenage Hazara girl,

ASYLUM-SEEKERS subject to the Malaysia Solution have entered their fourth day of a hunger strike on Christmas Island amid mounting incidents of self-harm among them.
Specially trained emergency response team guards yesterday rushed one of the asylum-seekers, a teenage Hazara girl, to a medical centre in the detention facility.  Read More ....

Boatpeople on hunger strike over deportation

ASYLUM-SEEKERS who have been told they will be deported to Malaysia began a hunger strike last night, according to a refugee advocate contacted by one of the group from Christmas Island.   

Asylum Seekers Christmas Island director Michelle Dimasi said she received a phone call from an extremely distressed man inside the Bravo compound where 22 men, women, minors and young children are being held pending expulsion under the Malaysia Solution.

"He told me: 'We really need help. Our situation is really bad -- they're going to send us back to Malaysia,' " Ms Dimasi said.  read more... 

Govt confirms 18 children on boat

AAP                The immigration department has confirmed there are 18 children among a boatload of asylum seekers who are due to be flown to Malaysia under the federal government's swap deal.
The department said it had checked the ages of all asylum seekers who had claimed to be minors and found one to actually be an adult, bringing the number of children to 18, including 13 who were unaccompanied.

"We have done checks on all the asylum seekers who have claimed to be minors," immigration department spokesman Sandi Logan told AAP.  read more.... 

Regional Cooperation - No To People Smuggling VIDEO

A groundbreaking regional cooperation framework-inspired agreement between Australia and Malaysia will help put people smugglers out of business, and prevent dangerous sea journeys by those seeking asylum. Anyone who arrives irregularly by sea in Australia will now be liable to be transferred to Malaysia. The key message to people smugglers and anyone considering a dangerous sea voyage to Australia is: don't. Don't do it. Say no to people smuggling.
 Watch Dari Video .....

Christmas Island asylum-seekers face high-profile removal

IMMIGRATION authorities are preparing to broadcast "far and wide" the first removal of asylum-seekers under the Malaysian refugee swap.   

The removal of the first group, which is en route to Christmas Island, could take several weeks as final preparations are made in Malaysia to receive them.

The Immigration Department is hoping to use the first transfer as a major deterrent to other asylum-seekers from attempting the voyage to Australia.


Federal police await 'Malaysia solution' refugees at Christmas Island

Australian Federal Police train in a clearing in the jungle on Christmas Island
to handle any possible trouble with refugees being transported to Malaysia. Picture:
Stephen Cooper Source: Herald Sun
A LARGE contingent of Australian Federal Police is in place for the arrival at Christmas Island today of the first boatload of asylum seekers earmarked for Malaysia under a refugee swap deal.
Authorities will break the news to the 54 asylum seekers that they won't have their claims for refugee status processed in Australia.

Instead they will be sent to Malaysia to join 90,000 others seeking refugee resettlement.
At least one child was visible on the deck of the Australian Customs vessel which is bringing the asylum seekers to Christmas Island, the ABC reports.  read more....

People smugglers will send kids by Boat

People smugglers will send boatloads of unaccompanied child asylum seekers to thwart the government's Malaysia people swap deal, the opposition warns.

Liberal backbencher Josh Frydenberg said the government could forget about 'trying to break the people smugglers' business model'.

'The people smugglers are going to break the government's model by sending unaccompanied minors,' he told Sky News.

Under the plan, signed by Australia and Malaysia last week, Australia will send 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia in return for 4000 processed refugees.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has said there will be no blanket exemptions but an individual's vulnerability would be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

On Tuesday, he would not confirm reports there was one child among the 54 asylum seekers aboard the first boatload destined for Malaysia.

Mr Bowen also refused to say if he would send the boy and his family to Kuala Lumpur.
Labor backbencher Ed Husic played down the people smugglers' new sales pitch that children would get through.

'It demonstrates how desperate people smugglers are,' he told Sky News.
'They're trying to build false hope in people.'

Mr Husic said being part of a joint inquiry into the Christmas Island asylum seeker boat tragedy had cemented his views on the issue.

'We got to go to Christmas Island and I stood on those rocks where so many people perished,' he said.
Mr Husic said nobody should be enticed to get on boats and undertake the perilous journey and that
the Malaysian deal was the best solution.

Christmas Island security increased for asylum transfer to Malysia.

Australian Federal Police dressed in full riot gear have
been training in the jungle on Christmas Island, ahead of
the arrival of the first group of asylum seekers to be
sent to Malaysia. [ABC]
Security is being beefed up on the Australian territory Christmas Island ahead of the arrival of the first asylum seekers to be sent to Malaysia.
The Immigration Department has built security fencing around an area of the Phosphate Hill detention centre on the island.

The centre has been emptied in anticipation of the arrival of the asylum seekers and it is where the new arrivals will be given the news that they are being sent on to Malaysia.

Riot police have been training all week in preparation for any disturbances and it is understood guards at the detention centre are being given specialist training.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said Australian Federal Police officers will have the power to make sure asylum seekers get on and off planes.

The boat carrying the 54 asylum seekers is expected to arrive on Christmas Island tomorrow.

Under the deal finalised in July, Australia will send 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia and in return will accept 4,000 people who have been verified as refugees by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
ABC News

Human rights leader warns Gillard to expect flood of asylum-seekers

AS Afghans in Malaysia plan to formally plead for sympathy from Julia Gillard, the founder of an Afghan human rights group warned that increasing lawlessness in Afghanistan could prompt a flood of asylum-seekers hoping for safe haven in Australia.
Niamatullah Ibrahimi, co-director of the Kabul-based Afghanistan Watch, yesterday said it was clear the insurgent Taliban was making strategic gains and, with the US beginning a drawdown of troops, hopes for a peaceful and democratic Afghanistan were receding. read more.....

Quetta bus attacks

Published: July 31 2011 TAKING advantage of the prevailing state of lawlessness in Balochistan, sectarian militants have seemingly escalated their attacks against Shia targets in the province. At least 11 people were killed on Saturday as gunmen opened fire on a vehicle in the provincial capital; reports indicate that all the victims were Shia. The attack follows Friday’s incident in which at least seven people were killed when gunmen attacked the office of a private transport company in Quetta. Police officials say the victims were waiting to board a coach to Iran. Proscribed militant outfit Lashkar-i-Jhangvi has claimed responsibility for both attacks. Read more....

Quetta in the eye of storm, 11 Hazaras gunned down

Urdu Readers click here ...
QUETTA – Another 11 people including a woman, mostly hailing from Shia community, were gunned down in an incident of ‘sectarian killing’ in the provincial capital on Saturday morning.
Banned outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for the murder of 11 people in Quetta. The tragic murder of the members belonging to the Shia community sparked riots in Quetta as the protestors vandalised vehicles, motorbikes and shops besides blocking roads by burning tyres.  Read more....

___.بامیانی‌ها نگران وضعیت پس از انتقال مسئولیت به نیروهای افغان

Timeline: Afghanistan's turbulent history

A chronology of key events:
Early history
Around 330BC: Alexander the Great conquers the area now known as Afghanistan after defeating the Persians. After his death the region is ruled by the Seleucids, one of the successor states which emerged on the break-up of his empire. After 305BC control swings between the Hindu Mauryan Empire, Parthians, various Indo-Greek rulers, Persians and Turks. read more.....  Updated July 03, 2009 09:24:00

Australian casualties in Afghanistan

Updated July 12, 2011 11:02:30
29 Australians have been killed while serving in Afghanistan: 28 with the Australian Defence Force and one with the British Armed Forces.  read more ....


52 Hazaras began a hunger strike this morning at the Northern Immigration Detention Centre in Darwin today while others decided to board the bus to weekly visits to church in the community. By midday 10 were on the roof with banners made of bedsheets with messages "We need help" painted on them visible to Sunday drivers on their way to picnics and family outings. read more ...

Italian Hazaras’ protest in Milan Italy

The Italian Hazaras, in a rally in Milan condemned the Kochi Taliban attacks on Nahur, Behsood and Daimirdad, Hazara’s systematic genocide in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Karzai’s discriminative action against Hazara MPs in the parliament of Afghanistan.

Olympian Gold Medalist Pakistani Boxer Shot Dead in Quetta

It is a reflection of the state of lawlessness in Balochistan that the target killing of Abrar Hussain – a former Pakistani boxer of international renown and a deputy director of Pakistan Sports Board – in Quetta on June 16 is already old news. Hussain had represented Pakistan in three Olympics and was the recipient of the prestigious Sitara-e-Imtiaz and the presidential Pride of Performance. However, for his killers, apparently the only thing that defined him was the fact that he was a member of the Shia Hazara community. The Hazaras in Balochistan, particularly in Quetta, have been targeted for over a decade for no reason other than their religious faith. Read more ...

Free Visa submission for Hazara People

A group of hazara volanteers arranging a setup to guide and to submit online application form for Asylum status for those hazaras who realy have fear in Pakistan Iran and Afghanistan.
It is adviced not to put there life in danger traveling with illegal documents or risk there life in ocean's water, not put themself in loan shark's trap.
It is highly recomended that martyr's families should get better support for living and there children must reach there humanatarian rights.
It is also decided that people smuggling of hazara should stop at any cost and those smugglers dancing in Indonesia and Malysia streets should get arrest and punish.

Bamiyan province handed to local forces

Afghanistan: Bamiyan province handed to local forces by NATO read more....